Monday, October 14, 2013

Cell Phone MDS Screen Saver

Do you have MDS?  If not here is another reason to have MDS. 
You can make your own Lock Screen Saver for your cell phone.  Here is my first one that I made for my Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone. I seen this done on Patty's blog you can check out her's here
This is the one I have on my phone now.  I just love this I am hooked on making my own Screen Savers for my cell phone.  I can make one for every season, holiday or whatever I feel like that day.  Give it a try and here is how I did it.

How to make your own Screen Saver for your cell phone:
1. Measure the screen on your phone (mine is a Samsung Galazy S4 and is about 2 1/2" x 4 1/2")
2.  Open MDS (My Digital Studio)
3. Start a custom size project the same size as your phone screen
4.  Design your own background
5. Save it as a .jpg
6.  Upload it to your phone (I just plugged in the USB cord then copy pic to cell phone pictures)
7.  Open that .jpg on your phone and "set as Lock Screen Saver". (I saved it as my Lock Screen you can set it as wallpaper too)
I will probably be making more as I do I will share them with you.

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