Friday, September 20, 2013

Scrapbooking Weekend

I am so looking forward to a wonderful weekend with friends scrapbooking, laughing, drinking, eating fantastic homemade food and lots of fun!  We will be at our annual scrapbooking weekend in Clare at Sunset Shores.  Vivian is a wonderful person that rents cabins on Stevenson Lake in Clare, MI.  If you get a group together like we do for scrapbooking she lets us use her basement all weekend and we set up our scrapbooking stuff and leave it all out.  We stay up all hours of the night and can start again at any time of the morning or stay up 24 hrs if you want to.  If you choose to not scrapbook you can just have a great R&R weekend the atmosphere is amazing there.  Her cabins are well kept up and maintained.  This is such a beautiful, peaceful place.

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