Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Look what they gave me

Tess stamped on a Tile handmade by Donna Smit.

Notepad holder and pen in a jar handmade by Mary MacKeller.

Jar with Sun-Dried Tomato and Penne Soup Mix handmade by Doreen Haris. Yummy!

My very own Tess stampin' room frame to hang on my wall handmade by Brenda Bierens. I just love this! As a matter of fact, after our meeting I was going to go to the store to purchase a frame to make one for myself. But now I don't have to Brenda made it for me.
We had a great time eating, talking, laughing and sharing that evening. Ladies, thank you again for the great gifts and wonderful friendships.


Mom said...

OMG I love your beautiful frame. You have some very nice stamping friends.

Jenn said...

GREAT gifts! Love that last fun to hang in your stamp room. Thanks for posting your blog on Stampin' Connection.